We request No Parents or Spectators to attend Interschool sport events†to help monitor number restrictions due to COVID restrictions and requirements.†

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on all aspects of schooling including delivery of sport.

Consistent with Queensland Government's updated Roadmap to easing Queenslandís restrictions, the department is†recommencing inter-school and representative school sport activities.

Resources†are available†to support schools and regions†to recommence training, competitions and programs in a safe, responsible and low risk manner that complies with the latest health advice.

In addition to the Roadmap, the resources align to the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment and the Return to Play Guide for Queensland sport, recreation and fitness industries. It is important that planning for sport activities in all stages include consideration of these documents.

Various Representative School Sport Programs and Interschool Sport Programs†will commence in Term 3. In order to reduce exposure risk associated with COVID-19 Pine Rivers District will be following State Government guidelines and COVID Checklist.†††

2020 bring a change of processes, finances†and forms for District and Regional Sport Trials

All students attending a District Trial will receive the DISTRICT TRAIL†PACKAGE from their school to complete, have signed and take to a district trials.† The consent forms will need to be fully completed; principals are to sign and stamp the form.†††

District Trial Fees now include†GST.††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††

Students will take them to District Trials, Coach and Team manager will collect†and check all consent forms, these forms are to be archived at the Coaches or team Managers school after trials.† For District Team Selections, there will be no QSS Project Consent form.†† Teachers will check student school files to see if they have media consent.† If students DO NOT have media Consent a QSS Project Consent Summary form is to be completed and sent to team coaches and managers.

Coaches and Team Managers will distribute the REGIONAL TRAIL PACKAGE to selected players, which is to be fully completed and signed.† The† school principal to sign & stamp Regional Consent form.† Coaches and Team Managers will collect consent forms at district training session for 10-12 years.† For 13-19 years consent forms are to be collected at the commencement of regional trials.† Regional consent†forms are taken to regional trials, Coaches and/or Team Managers are†responsible to forward the consent forms onto the regional convenor or†coach at regional trials.† 

Students are†to present consent forms and receipt of payment to the coach or team manager†of the sport on the day of district trials.† For the big 3 events (swimming, cross country and athletics) forms are to go to the team manager of the school team.

2020 forms will only be accepted.

PINE RIVERS DISTRICT SPORT CALENDAR†link to page†www.pineriverssport.qld.edu.au/item.asp?pid=1008

2020 District Sport Trial notices for student nominations have been distributed to schools†for the below sports -

Parents purchasing apparel on School Shop Online - Please inform the coach or team manager of your purchases so they can arrange for collection.† Apparel for Swimming, Cross Country and Track and Field can be picked up from Bray Park State School on set days mentioned in the†team letter.†††††

Students who would like to be nominated for a district sport trial†are to collect†District Trial Information†Package from your School Sport Teacher.






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